15-piece LED Night Balls Glow in the Dark Night Flyer (Mixed Colors)

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Product Description

* LED golf ball that gives beautiful colors upon one impact
* Bright LED light with Lithium Battery stays active for 8 minutes each time it is hit
* Various colors available. Popular ones are jade green, white, red, yellow, orange.
* Beige surface. Official Size. 392 Dents.
* Performs like a regular golf ball
* Translucent one-piece, cut proof design
* Can flash totally 50 hours. Batteries in each ball are sealed and are NOT replaceable.
* With surlyn cover
* ACEVER provides the high performance aerodynamics, control, accuracy, feel and distance you expect from a professional quality ball.


  • Super bright LED Golf Ball that Can keep Flashing for around 8 minutes upon a hit.
  • Mixed colors of light in one package.
  • With built-in Battery that Can Totally Light up for 50 Hours.
  • Standard size Golf Balls
  • 15 pieces in a package.


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