A99 Golf Power Swing Fan with Training Aid


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Develop strength and muscle memory, perfect a smooth powerful l swing using wind resistance. Swing Power Swing in your normal swinging motion 30-40 times to strengthen the wrists, arms and shoulders and add power and consistency. Practice the swing mechanics as taught by professionals. Developing golf muscles for over 25 years. Extensive research went into the development of this product. The Power Swing works on the principle of progressive air resistance. The faster the swing, the greater the resistance. The four plastic fins provide resistance throughout the entire swing and attain maximum effect when the velocity is greatest. The strong resistance benefits the golfer by increasing muscle strength and improving body rotation. The most apparent improvement, as seen through high speed photography, is a stronger wrist position at impact. In powerful golf swings, this dynamic position results in a sling-shot effect - the leading wrist joint stops momentarily, causing the clubhead to rapidly accelerate through the ball. The golf schools and teaching professionals we have seen are too numerous to mention. Though not a consideration when developing the Power Swing, instructors have discovered that it helps cure three of the worst common swing faults: lifting the club, coming over the top and casting.


  • The resistance forces the golfer to use the big muscles in the back and hips
  • The air resistance causes a powerful lag move seen in almost all great golfers
  • Power Swing Fan for the Junior player is also available; Smaller fins, shorter shaft, same effect


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