Bridgestone e5 Mint Refinished Golf Balls


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One of the problems that many mid-handicappers and up have, one that costs distance, is a trajectory that is too low. Less carry equals less overall distance. The e5 ball is Bridgestone's attempt to address that problem for this market segment. The Bridgestone e5 used golf ball is a two-piece ball, but one with a urethane cover for more responsiveness around greens. The Bridgestone e5 used golf balls feature Bridgestone's Seamless Cover Technology and a 432-dimple pattern. Its Large Kinetic Energy Core, which Bridgestone says creates a higher initial launch velocity, combined with its aerodynamics are designed to create a higher trajectory for greater carry.


  • What is a Refinished golf ball? If a golf ball is 100% intact with no cover abrasions or cuts but is just cosmetically stained, then we refinish
  • What is Refinished Mint Quality? We use a modern process which does not affect the performance; The process does however bring up the appearance
  • Interesting fact Did you know refinished golf balls have been formally accepted by the USGA for tournament play


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