Hand Speed Trainer Golf Weighted Training Aid Hank Haney Edition


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Hand Speed Trainer Golf Weighted Training Aid Hank Haney Edition.

Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.

The Hand Speed TrainerTM is specifically designed for athletes in virtually every sports arena to functionally train for maximum increases in Speed, Power and Performance. Functional training involves work against resistance so that improvements in strength directly enhance the performance of the athlete's sport specific required movements. Made of top grade, anti-bacterial neoprene the HSTTM sleeve has two built-in performance slots holding streamlined weights of 4 and 8 ounces. The resistance can be adjusted from 4oz to 24oz in 4oz adjustments. The ability to increase the resistance of each HSTTM insures consistent and safe training environments. The HSTTM slides easily over the hand and fits securely onto the forearm providing a snug and comfortable fit, 2 inches above the wrist and 2 inches below the elbow. The HSTTM allows you to move at your own pace against resistance that is functional for you, allowing you to challenge your muscles as your training routine becomes easier to perform. Functional training involves small increases in resistance to sport specific muscle groups. Start small, increase slow and watch your game reach new levels!

What's in the Box:
2 HSTTM sleeves
4 x 8 oz. Weight (red)
4 x 4 oz. Weight (black)
1 Mesh Workout Bag
8 Week Training Game Plan

Measure 2" above the wrist & 2" below the elbow
YL/S - Wrist Size 6-7" & Elbow Size 9.5-10.5"
M/L - Wrist Size 7-8" & Elbow Size 10.5-11.5"
XL/XXL - Wrist Size 8-9" & Elbow Size 11.5-12.5"


  • Brand-new authentic merchandise.
  • Includes 2 HST sleeves, 4 8 oz weights, 4 4 oz weights, mesh bag and training manual.
  • For accurate sizing measure 2" above the wrist & 2" below the elbow.
  • HST is designed to increase speed, power and performance.
  • Authorized dealer-warranty is valid.


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