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"Goes where other ashtrays dare to dream." The Golf Channel selected Perfecto Cigar Holder as "an invention so perfect, it's in its name." If you are a cigar aficionado who enjoys a smoke while playing golf, you know how frustrating it can be to find a place to lay your cigar while teeing off, playing a fairway shot or putting on the green. Perfecto Cigar Holder is more than just another cigar holder. It's a portable ashtray for one cigar. Simply squeeze (easily with one hand!) and attach to the console of your golf cart (or boat, deck or any other surface) and your cigar rest is ready. Perfecto Cigar Holder is made in the USA out of the highest quality nylon, which will not melt, burn or discolor. It is industrial strength quality, yet lightweight. The perfect gift for golf and cigar lovers!


  • More than just another cigar holder - your snap-on ashtray on the go! The perfect gift for cigar lovers!
  • No, it's not plastic! Highest quality nylon - will not melt, burn or discolor.
  • Size matters! Perfecto Cigar Holder will hold all cigar sizes, even your biggest (tray is 80 ring wide)
  • Easily clips to all golf cart models, boats, RVs, decks, workbenches and more
  • Will not crush, pinch or tear your cigar. 100% Made in the USA


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